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Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware in windows 10


These messages pop up all the time since I have my NUC8i5BEH over the last 3 months, like 20 times a day, causing the application often to crash. Then I often have to reboot the PC as the memory has become corriupted I think.

I have tried all the intel graphics drivers, multiple times, the earlier ones seem more stable.


Idle package temperature is about 50 degrees, which seems hot when the room temperature is 20 degrees


Any other ideas of things I could try?

cheers zed


What else

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What Version of Windows 10 are you running? 1809? 1803? Less?


Your temperature is fine.




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Yes, this is a perfectly normal idle temperature. Also, what version of the graphics driver do you have installed?


Best way you could provide this information is to download and run the Intel System Support Utility (available here: and then attach the log file it produces to a reply.


Note: do not upload this file to some other site and publish its URL here. I (amongst others) do not trust and will not look at anything that is not posted on the Intel site. Use the attach capability provided.




Ha by a huge coincidence I was just gonna post my reply and I had a BSOD, which I rarely get


Cheers Guys for the replys


Im running windows 10, version 1809

I submited my info to the intel support site (with attached info txt)

The reason I ask about the temperature is this guy seems to have the same PC and it idles a lot colder,


I am running my CPU at 90% maximum power now, seems a little more stable but not hugely so