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Are there Intel® Smart Sound Technology drivers for linux?


Hello guys, maybe this is the wrong forum, but I wanted to ask if there are drivers for Intel® Smart Sound Technology for Linux - I am using Ubuntu 19.10 with Inspiron 7590 and from what I've read, the microphone is now controlled by Intel® Smart Sound Technology and does not work in Linux. On windows it is working fine.

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Use the drivers provided by Dell. This forum is for Intel NUCs.





I've tried updating ISST, yet Win10 says it's up to date, and Lenovo only lists audio drivers for REAL on its website for my model number.


Last week, I read something about updating the BIOS. I gave that a go, but I believe that it didn't fix it. Three days ago I decided (for unrelated reasons) to update Ubuntu from 18.04.1 to 18.04.2. This fixed the audio issue as far as I know and I was able to use both drivers and headphones consistently... until last night.


I boot into Win10 to resume a video that I had been watching on Ubuntu, and the audio is no longer working for ISST and I cannot use my headphones.


I cannot update my ISST driver. I cannot roll back my ISST driver. I cannot update my BIOS again.


Is there anything that I can do short of trying to reinstall Win10 and/or Ubuntu and hope that that works?


Extra info:


1) I've tried messing with Alsamixer on Ubuntu, but that wouldn't work, and after clicking on one of the sound cards it would kill the program anyway.


2) I frequently change OS. Some things I do on Ubuntu, and others on Win10, and sometimes I need to quickly boot into one to do something and then go back to the other. I don't know if that will be an issue.


3) Since I had bought this thing used back in August, there's almost always a particular audio issue when I boot into Ubuntu: my laptop makes a weird, dee "blip"-like sound every couple of seconds until I start a program or mute it, then it goes away. This is also from the speakers in the tablet itself and therefore ISST.


I'm not sure what to do to address this issue.

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Again, @Max44​ , this forum is for intel NUCs.





Hello All


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.


We would like to jump in and clarify that the Intel® Smart Sound Technology driver is wrapped by the audio codec driver and then provided to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). For issues regarding Intel® Smart Sound Technology, we recommend you follow the advice provided by Al.Hill about using the driver your OEM provides (if available) and also, we recommend addressing additional inquiries or issues to your OEM.


You may also check with the Linux Forums for additional suggestions and drivers if available.




Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician