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New Contributor III

Audio Device and Taskbar Icons Missing, Solved

NUC7i5BNHXF 16GB Optane 1TB HDD Win10 Pro Insider Build 17686

I uninstalled Realtek High Definition Audio. Disabled 2381 Intel Display Audio

I now have SHARP TV on HDMI Set as Default Audio Device and a small USB Soundbar on a generic audio driver. Microphone is Logitech Webcam.

Skype has been set to use Webcam mic. and USB audio device without any problem.

High Performance Power scheme but setting the same for all. The timers are off course whatever you choose.

Display Sleep 3 Minutes

PC Sleep after 5 Minutes

HDD Sleep after 10 Minutes

I let the computer go to sleep by itself and let it sleep for more than 10 minutes(would loose my audio devices on wake up before)

Wake up PC using keyboard power button, click mouse on wake-up screen PC switches to Log in screen, Enter PIN, PC wakes up.

if TV is Tuned ON it automatically comes UP with Default Audio device, SHARP TV HDMI

If TV is Tuned OFF it automatically comes UP with USB Audio Device

Turn on TV and HDMI AUDIO becomes enabled (already set as default device)

I have no Idea why the Icons aren't disappearing anymore.

I have had no audio issues since doing the above changes.

I'm not sure if this affects Headphone Jack since I don't use it.

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Thank you very much for sharing those findings with us Thaidroid. That will be very helpful to other community peers.



We really appreciate you took the time to share this with our community.




Antony S.
New Contributor III

It seems that RealTek Audio has a life on it's own and Re-installs itself. A cant figure out how, maybe via windows update?

Anyhow with RealTek installed the Audio devices are still behaving and the same with my missing ICONS on TV Taskbar(No Longer Missing).

So Disabling 2381 Intel Display Audio might be enough to do the Trick.

Super User Retired Employee

If the RealTek audio device is visible, then drivers and driver updates will be installed for it by Windows Update. To disable it completely, you need to disable it in BIOS Setup (the Visual BIOS application). The BIOS will then hide the device so it is not seen by Windows.

Hope this helps,


New Contributor III

Scott thanks for the tip,

I don't think Realtek Audio had anything to do with it in the end, But I ave now Disabled The Realtek Audio Device in control panel anyway.( i just had an update to the Realtek software today and installed it :o) don't want to disobey Intel)

Every thing is working fine I'm sure that disabling2381 Intel Display Audio did the trick for me.

Not sure what 2381 is used for but it certainly does not seem to affect the way I'm set up