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Audio Problem on my NUC8i7BEH (Win10 Pro 64 bit) - It’s broken up (silence for 1 second and after it continue to play)


I need of a solution at my problem. Please.

I reinstalled Realtek driver (completely disinstalled and after reinstalled).....Device Manager says it is all ok, Drivers works correctly, but audio is interrupted very often. I generally hear sound by my bluetooth stereo......

so at the beginning I thought it was a bluetooth problem.....after i tried by front jack with some normal hearphone and same I understood that it was an audio driver problem


I can say that this problem was not there when I started using my NUC, the problem appeared later. After many days the problem seemed to have solved itself and the audio worked well again.

But later it broke again. Now I have this problem for a long time and I do not know how to solve it.


Some idea?



before trying to do a factory reset I would like to try other ways. because I'm still not sure it's a hardware problem.

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