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Audio for NUC11TNHi5


I have recently bought a NUC11TNHi5. This does not have a audio jack in it. I have speakers with a 3.5mm audio plug which I would like to play audio through. My speakers are much better quality sound than my tv.


I have connected the NUC via HDMI to the tv and video and audio are working fine.


When I looked at the audio section in this model's technical product specifications, it said "audio via digital display outputs".

1. Does this mean that audio will only be played through whatever display is connected via HDMI (in this case the tv)?

2. If I want to use speakers, would I have to connect them via the TV?

3. Would it be possible to use an HDMI to audio plug adapter (if that exists) and play my speakers that way?




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You may use HDMI Audio Extractor like for example this one, but much simpler is to use USB to Audio Jack (this an example) or USB type C to Audio 3,5 mm (see this example).





Hello, @RK9795


If I may jump here, I don't recommend the use of adapters or docking stations, it's always better to connect directly your display devices to the supported video display ports in the NUC, as they can lead to graphics issues: Using Video Cable Adapters, Splitters and/or Docking Stations in Computers not Manufactured by Intel


On the other hand, we recommend you to check if you can select the Audio via Speakers in your TV, in case it doesn't show this option, we recommend you to check with your TV manufacturer, to see if this configuration you want to try, is supported. 


As we recommended you contact the manufacturer of your TV, we will now close this thread to keep order and avoid confusion. 


If you need any additional information, please submit a new question, as this thread will no longer be monitored.