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BIOS DAMAGE Motherboard NUC8BEB J72693-307


Greetings, first please forgive me because my english is not good,  Ok, I buy a computer with a  Motherboard NUC8BEB J72693-307 for a client, i install linux Manjaro, and was for a while running ok, but then it goes to suspend mode and no mouse no  screen no keyboard is working. I need to turn off the computer every time this happen, and then i install ubuntu, many flavors because the problem is repeating many times. Finally the mouse and keyboard is not recognized any more, so i try to reset the bios, so I take off all the case and change the  -bios security jumper-  in the position 2-3 lockdown, at the moment i didnt know the characteristics of this jumper, i was just assuming that it will work the same that other motherboards. I turn on and nothing happen, so while this computer was turn on, I change the jumper to position 1-2 normal, and nothing happen, but when i turn off and try to turn on, never turn on again. Later i came to look the -technical product specification- and in these pdf they say never change the jumper while is on, so I think i damage the bios. My question is, there is some way to fix this? Thanks in advance for your time.



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Hello @arenaleejeje

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.


Based on the description of the behavior and the issue, our recommendation is to reach out to Intel® Customer Support through phone or chat and review warranty availability for your Intel® NUC. Here is the "Contact us link". Please make sure to select your country or region and to contact us within your local business Support hours.

Also, we will send you an email to the email address associate with your profile to provide you with information you may use as a reference when you contact Intel® Customer Support.


Having said that, we will proceed to close this inquiry now from our end. If you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored.

Note: If you are within the first 30 days from the date of purchase, we recommend contacting your place of purchase first to check the warranty options for your system.


Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician


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