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BIOS Update 0375 Disables Intel Platform Trust Technology (TPM 2.0)


This post is just for information.

When manually installing the BIOS update listed below using the '' file on a USB stick, the update disables Intel Platform Trust Technology (TPM 2.0) in the BIOS settings.

This means if you have Bitlocker enabled (and set to require TPM & PIN), after the BIOS update is completed and the system has booted, Bitlocker will remain in the suspended state and not resume from suspension due to no TPM being visible.

You therefore need to re-enable the Intel Platform Trust Technology setting in the Intel BIOS settings. Then, once booted, Bitlocker should see the TPM again and allow Bitlocker to resume from suspension.

Old BIOS Version: 0371


New BIOS Version: 0375


New BIOS Date: 2018-11-14


Intel NUC: NUC5i7RYH


Windows 10: 1809 (17763.134)

Steps to Reproduce:


1) Suspend Bitlocker


2) Reboot


3) F2 to enter BIOS


4) Disable Secure Boot


5) Save and exit BIOS


6) F7 to update BIOS to RY0375 from USB stick


7) F2 to enter BIOS


8) Re-enable Secure Boot


9) Save and exit BIOS


10) After booted, Bitlocker doesn't resume from suspension as no TPM visible

11) Reboot


12) F2 to enter BIOS


13) Enable 'Intel Platform Trust Technology' setting


14) Save and exit BIOS


15) After booted, Bitlocker will now resume from suspension as TPM is visible again



The update also reset a BIOS setting to allow S4 (Hibernation) to wake from USB, therefore I think this update resets all the BIOS settings back to their default settings.
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for me, it was a total wreck, even if i followed your scheme, very logical and well done (though i do not ahve bitlocker on disk. i had secure boot and TPM): all previous settings in BIOS ,gone. ok, no prob, i set them up again in 5 minutes(i knew them perfectly). saved, rebooted ,and, to my surprise windows 10 did not boot. "there is not any boot disk". perfect.. i re-downgraded to 0373 version(that worked always smooth as silk). but nothing...i had to recover GPT by using a pendrive with windows 10 console...i think i 'll wait for a fix of this BIOS version. i'll keep up with 0373 for a while

i suspect that the reset of previous settings with "legacy"(in the "boot" section of BIOS) in the place of "UEFI" has determined the disaster... or , perhaps, the addition of some new (not documented settings)