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BIOS Update and Recovery Instructions are incorrect for NUC 10 series


This might help someone in the future ...

The instructions to flash the BIOS via the jumper method are incorrect. They MUST mention that the USB drive should be USB 3.x spec. A USB 2.0 drive will not work. The NUC will just go on asking what to do.


here are the instructions I followed.

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Hi @area-concierge 

I have performed BIOS recovery with USB 2 stick, so, in this case there should be no problem, however the  paragraph 2  is not correct for NUC10i series:

"2.The USB device must contain a folder \EFI with the sub-folder \Intel, which contains the INWHL357.CAP file. Otherwise the recovery will fail.


The above Note is incorrect, since  the INWHL357.CAP should be extracted to the root of the USB stick, rather than to the directory structure described in this example. So, there is no need to create this directory structure. As far I know (but could be that my information is not complete), this structure is valid for NUC8i7DNHE.