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BIOS Update to 0069 won't work; won't boot without unplugging from wall


When I updated to 0068 my computer got to this weird state where it won't boot up or come back from sleep unless it is power reset. So I just saw the new 0069 update and thought I would give it a try to see if it would fix these issues. When I ran the .MSI file it restarted, but I had to unplug the charger from the wall and plug it back in again to get it to boot. When it booted up, which is longer than it was before 0068 (black screen for 10 seconds and then all the sudden it just boots normally), it said "Please wait while we install a system update". Nothing happened. The keyboard and mouse froze (lost power) and I had to force shut it down to get out it. I also noticed when it booted back into Windows, that it gave a notification that said it needed to be restarted to finish setting up DN0069. I went into Device Manager and there was a warning icon next to DN0069 under firmware. Restarting it does nothing, and it's also a pain because I have to unplug it and re plug it in to get it to boot.


Any help would be much appreciated

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First off, don't use the Windows BIOS updater to flash to 0069 if you are having reboot issues. Having to pull power after the system reboots to start the flash will corrupt the flash process and may damage your NUC.  Make sure you are using the correct DN BIOS for your model of NUC. Use the DN0069.BIO file and F7 flash update to do the BIOS update.  Put the DN0069.BIO file on a FAT32 formatted flash drive and then power down the system. Power back on and press F7 to start a BIOS Flash. Select the DN0069.BIO file from your flash drive and press Enter. Your system should start flashing to the new BIOS.

DON'T touch the system until it finishes the flash and has rebooted back into Windows. Then reboot and enter BIOS Setup and load default settings (F9), add any custom settings you had before, then save settings and reboot (F10).

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