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BIOS update failure due to power outage


I have a NUC8i7BEH /Win10Pro serving as a headless host in a remote contryside snow-surrounded cold hut. I use RDP to access it over the net.


I have performed BIOS update to it several times remotely using Intel Windows update utility, without any problems.


But yesterday, The Worst happened. After about one minute from starting the BIOS update (December 2019 edition) process, an electricity outage hit there. The power came back after a few seconds. The BIOS is configured to "always boot up after power failure".


Well, something screwed up seriously. Yes, I understand it very well, power outages are very forbidden during BIOS updating. Now, at least from remote perspective, the NUC is bricked - It doesn't boot up any more. I don't know if there might be something to read on the local display.


(There is a _reason_ for _not_ having UPS power there, so let's not turn the discussion to that. (Radio frequency interference must be keeped at the lowest possible level there.))


In that same LAN, there is an RasPi/Raspbian, which I can access by ssh. From there, the NUC doesn't answer to ping (any more).


The cottage is cold and unwarmed, -0.9°C 30.4°F right now. I have several temp sensors there, and it seems that the NUC is much cooler now than when running with medium load.



My questions are:


1) Is there anything I can try remotely (via the RasPi)? I also have remote power ON/OFF control for the NUC.


2) Next weekend I can make that 100 miles drive to there. What do you think I can expect to meet there? Is there a procedure to bring it back to life? Should I prepare to bring some specific software/hardware tools with me?


Best regards,




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Put the latest bios on a fat32 formatted usb stick, have a toolkit available, fill up your vehicle with petrol, read up on the bios recovery procedure, and prepare for a drive in the countryside.

And, in the worst case, I would have a spare nuc available as well.


RFI be damned, I would have a minimal, shielded UPS unit available to protect my equipment.