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BOXNUC8i3BEK4 Power Adapter (HuntKey not LiteOn shipped)


I just bought an 8th generation I3 NUC sealed from CPL here in Australia. The NUC came with a HuntKey power adapter, however all product unboxing videos I could find had a Liteon PSU.

Did anyone else get a HuntKey PSU?

My NUC was manufactured on 11 July 2019.

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I don't know if the Liteon is better than HuntKey and I'm not sure if Intel is not supplying adapters from both vendors, however in Intel Spare parts shop I can't see Liteon only:


I've checked all other NUCs I have are equipped with Liteon Power Adapters also (one of the NUCs is NUC8i7INH, manufactured in May 2019).

Again, this is only my observation and not conclusion relating yours Power Adapter.




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Mine NUC 8i3BEH2 (Europe), produced in 27 Jul 2019 came with HuntKey power adapter as well. And this power supply is now featured somewhere on the official Intel site, so it definitely ships with it. It's a model: HKA09019047-6U


However, after I fixed the noisy fan by following the great suggestions found in this thread I noticed that my HuntKey power adapter was very noisy. I've no idea if that's the case for all of them, or it's just mine, but the coil buzzing is audible from 2 meters or more. It buzzes only when the NUC is idling, whenever I do something that draws power it stops, and then it immediately starts again. I read about it and that seems to be a normal behavior, the only thing that is unacceptable for me is that it's too noisy.


So I went on and bought a replacement adapter from FSP - NB Slim 90W

Things you have to look for when buying one are:


Input Voltage: 100-240Vac

Input Frequency: 50-60Hz

Output Voltage: 19V

Output Current: 4.74A


19V * 4.74A = ~90W


Another thing to note is the tip, it's a Barrel 5.5/2.5mm with a common polarity +inside -outside. You can see the polarity symbols at the back of the NUC where you plug the power cable. That specific model from FSP comes with 9 different tips including the one you need for the NUC. The reason why I though that I can trust FSP is because the power adapters for 6th and 7th gen NUCs were also from FSP, and I used one for 4 years straight without any issues. The other option is to buy a LietOn replacement from SimplyNUC but that was a bit more expensive on my end. The FSP power adapter that I got also produces noise, but it's so little that you have to be in 15-20 centimeters proximity to barely hear anything.


Hope that helps.

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Hi @SVeli1​ 

Thank you for the valuable information.




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