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Bios Help Please - What am I doing wrong ? NUC11PAHi7


Hey everyone,

My Bios Version Shows :    PATGL357.0043.2022.0221.1106 , 02/21/2022 12:00 AM    

Isnt that version  .043 ?

Intel support system had a Bios Update To .042 and I updated it. The update assistant now shows
that I'm up to date but at version .043 instead of .042

I downloaded from the download center the .042 exe update and it wont install. I downloaded the
F7 .042 cap file and it wont install. I installed the power button .042 zip recovery file and it wont install. The bios screen just very quickly shows and then disappears before I can see it.

When I downloaded the .043 exe file it instantly updated but of course to the version I already have.

I know its strange but the .042 file is supposed to be newer than .043 and it does show on the 
download center that it's the latest version. It's because .043 didnt allow you to roll back to previous versions. Now I'm stuck on .043 and it's causing a lot of problems on my NUC.

Its brand new so I dont know if the old .042 .041 had issues or not. Support wants me to update
to the newest .042 but I cant make it happen.

Thanks in advance,




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There were problems with BIOS 43 and intel backed off to BIOS 42 as the default. If you have BIOS 43 installed and your system is running ok, relax for now. If you are having issues, however, since you cannot downgrade to BIOS 42, you are going to have to wait for a new BIOS to come out. They are working to quickly resolve these issues and get this new BIOS released, so hopefully not too long.



Thank you

Yes many problems. The person at support told me to go to .0042   

Its a race against time. I only have a couple days left before I have to send it back for a refund.
Its a shame, I really like this computer. Thanks again n_scott_pearson. I'm glad it wasnt something
i was doing wrong. I felt silly.