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Black screen marantz nr1603 with NUC7i5BNH


Getting black screen with my new NUC- very gutted! Works ok when directly connected to samsung TV.

Now this means I lose ability to switch via AV receiver and lose 5.1 surround.

NUC fully up to date inc BIOS and HDMI 2.0 firmware.. although I believe the AMP is only HDMI 1.3 maybe that the issue.

Too much to ask for a dev to make me a patch? :-)

CEC doesnt seem to work properly too, it does switch source when it turns on, but anynet cant select the device I have to switch source manually.

I can play with screen resolution via team viewer and TV reports no signal mostly. When I switch to 1024x768, TV says incorrect resolution so something is getting through.

Called support and the very knowledgeable Alfred is looking into it for me. I was surprised how good the support was TBH :-)


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Community Manager

Hello Trevster,

Thank you for joining the Intel® Community. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with this matter.

I checked the conversation you had with the agent, and since he is working on this matter please wait for the answer. If you need more information about this, please use your case number and contact us directly: Contact Support .


Amy C.

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