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Bluetooth Not Working


I bought an Intel NUC, NUC8i5BEH to be exact.  I got Windows installed.  I have all the updates and the WiFi works well, but for some reason, I can't connect my Logitech K810 keyboard to the NUC.  It worked fine with my last PC, so I'm wondering what I'm missing?  Thanks for any help.

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It is not clear what you mean bay saying : "I have all the updates..." - Windows updates or Intel Driver installed. In case that you didn't installed yet the Intel Drivers, Please download and install the Chipset Software and Management Engine Driver. Reboot your NUC.

Next download and install Bluetooth Driver and WiFi Driver. Reboot your NUC and check.

In case that you want to update all other drivers, this is the Intel Download Site with drivers and BIOS for your NUC.

You should verify that the Bluetooth is enable in BIOS. Can you connect other devices (for example your mobile)?

One more thing: once the Chipset Software and Management Engine Driver are manually installed, you can download and install the Intel Driver & Support Assistant, to help you with the other updates.