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Bluetooth interferes with Wi-Fi on NUC7i3BNK and AC-8265


Hi, I recently started using the Bluetooth function (had wired kbd, mouse) on a NUC7i3BNK. When Bluetooth is on, no wireless networks are detected. The NUC is running Windows 10 1809 and I have tried several versions of drivers for Bluetooth and the AC-8265 adapter. Currently both are latest from Intel site. Have tried a Windows 'network reset' several times. Have tried removing the devices in device manager and letting them re-populate. Also tried upgrading the BIOS on NUC to latest.


I tried using a 5ghz only SSID from my WAP (a UniFi AP-AC-Pro) which works fine from my Mac laptop. The 5ghz network is detected only when I disable Bluetooth adapter on the NUC. Even then, Windows takes quite a while (2-5 minutes) to actually find the network, even with Preferred Band set to 5ghz under the AC-8265 settings. This seems to be a common complaint about Windows and its wireless support, though.


There doesn't really seem to be a solution to this that I can find. Has anyone else found a workaround? I will probably buy a USB Bluetooth connector. But I'm a bit disappointed the Intel hardware/drivers can't seem to make it all work. Would it be possible to extend an antenna connector from the Wi-Fi board inside the NUC to outside the chassis?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Hi @MWood17​ 

  1. The AC 8265 adapter is equipped with two antennas marked: 1 MAIN and 2 AUX. The antenna connected to the MAIN connector, serves WiFi 5GHz , while the second antenna connected to the AUX connector serves WiFi + BT on 2.4 GHz band.
  2. I've checked Bluetooth functionality working correctly with either 5GHz band or 2.4GHz band connected. Both functions (WiFi + BT) should work together. My test was performed on two NUC computers equipped with AC-8265 adapter: NUC7i7DNHE and NUC8i7HVK. I don't have NUC7i3BNK, however this function should work in the same way.
  3. I'm assuming that your Operating System is Windows 10 version 1809.
  4. Please download the Chipset Device Software:
  5. Download the Management Engine Driver:
  6. Download the Bluetooth Driver:
  7. Download the Wireless Driver:
  8. Disconnect the Internet connection.
  9. Open the Device Manager and open the Network Adapters category. Uninstall the Bluetooth Device and Intel Dual Band Wireless -AC 8265. Check the Delete option while uninstalling.
  10. Install the Chipset Device Software
  11. Install the Management Engine Driver
  12. Reboot your NUC
  13. Install the Bluetooth Driver
  14. Install the Wireless Driver
  15. Reconnect the Internet and reboot your NUC.
  16. Check how it works.