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Booting to USB Intel NUC7CJYH


Hi all,

i am new to NUC's & i'm looking to wipe the windows OS & install Ubuntu, I am having issues having the NUC boot to USB or an onboard SSD.

I am also unable to find the options to wipe the onboard flash to begin a re-installation.

Has anyone had a similar issue to this ? I'm hoping someone can help me have the NUC boot to my new OS.

Thanks guys.

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Hello chrisace,



Thank you for joining the Intel Community Support.



I understand that you would like to install UBUNTU* in your Intel® NUC Kit NUC7CJYH. I would like to help you.



First, make sure your USB drive is formatted for and bootable depending on the recommendations provided by UBUNTU* communities depending on the distribution you are installing.


Then, power on your Intel® NUC with the USB drive inserted in the unit and press F10 to enter the BIOS and select the USB drive with the distribution chosen.



I am including this link that will provide further instructions on this installation. 0



NOTE: This link is being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.



Wanner G.

Hello chrisace,



I was wondering if you were able to boot the operating system from USB?



I will be glad to assist if you have any further questions.



Wanner G.