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Brand new NUC8i7HNK weird noises and fan

I received my NUC8i7HNK today and there are somethings wrong with it.

1) The fan kicks in and stays on very frequently (even in quiet mode but less) when the processor is basically under 0% load.

2) There is this weird noise coming out of the case. The kind of noise a teapot makes when water boils like this: Teapot Whistling Sound Effect Tea Kettle Boiling Steam Whistle 10Min SFX Steaming Water Noise - YouTube

recording from the NUC:

it's rather hard to pick up the noise with my phone's mic, so you might need to wear headphones or max out the volume to be able to hear it.

This is the 2nd NUC I received. The 1st one being the HVK model and that one had a high-pitched and resonating fan problem also mentioned in another thread. Here is how that one sounded:

I would like to ask an Intel employee to weigh in and let me know if this is indeed the problem (the fan and the noise) with ALL HNK models then I am going to return this NUC for good and never look back.

BTW, I am on latest bios dated 5/13.

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Community Manager

Hello backslash


Thank you for your contacting us.


I understand that you are experiencing issues with your replacement.


In this case please go ahead and post the issue into the previous thread that you created regarding the noises that your previous unit had:




By unifying your cases, the support will be faster so we can look for a suitable solution to your issue, our staff will monitor your thread.


I hope to hear from you soon.


Best regards.


Diego S.



Did that, please have the support staff reply soon as I am nearing the return window for the components.

Community Manager

Hello backslash



Thank you for your response.



Allow me to share with you that we are going to continue assisting you on the thread /thread/125240 to continue with your case.



Thank you,




Leonardo C.