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Broken IPEX connector

Dear all,

When I installed my new wifi card into my NUC (DCCP847DYE) I had to remove the plastic cover on the mini IPEX connector.

While pulling the plastic, one of the connector broke off from the antenna cable. It is so miniaturized so I cannot put it back.

Anyway it looks very fragile, so I would recommend any other people to take great care of it !

Now I'm looking for a replacement.

Since I did not disassembled my NUC yet, I don't know how long are the antenna(s) and how they are set up in the case.

Do you know what kind of antenna I need to get ? Does Intel provides this as a spare ?



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Re: Broken IPEX connector

Hello Jeremy, I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced with your NUC. We know internal devices are very delicate and need to be treaty carefully.

I really appreciate your comment because it will help users to avoid similar situations.

In regards to the warranty replacement of your unit, it will be necessary to replace the whole NUC, since we don't have spare parts.

Please contact our Warranty department so they can help you.

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