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CEC Problem with Intel NUC8I7HVK


After a recent reinstall of Windows 10, the CEC signal sent by NUC BIOS to automatically turn on my TV (primary monitor) is not effective.  No recent changes to BIOS settings, but the TV is plugged directly into the NUC via HDMI, and the NUC and the TV are both hardwired on the same local network.

BIOS settings are for CEC turn-on with boot from S3/S4/S5.  

There was a BIOS update at the same time as Windows 10 installation but I suspect the Windows 10 installation is the culprit, not the BIOS update.  (It was working fine until recently.)

(BTW, is the BIOS documentation available on the website? I couldn't find it)

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I can help with the support article. Your NUC is on the list.

HDMI CEC Information for Intel® NUC 

make sure to click the pull down link Onboard CEC for the actual information. As far as I see it the settings are supposed to be pretty easy. Unless there is a device problem. Also, cec may have wire requirements for example hdmi 2.0. Likewise may have an interruption from other recorders. Direct wire connection may fix the issue.

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But, I can also follow more on the issue. 

There are several things to consider. Several more things to consider.

OS restrictions. Which are least possible right now.

Wrong port on the TV. Make sure you are following the ARC, CEC labels on the TV.

The device is not supported by the wake features. Your TV will simply not be controlled by the signal. This happens a lot if the manufacturer intention was to make that work with appropriate Recorders/Players.