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CPU Temperature for i3, i5, i7

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Hi all

I would like to know which temperature values are "normal" for the different NUC models NUC8i3, NUC8i5 and NUC8i7. I would be happy if you would share your values with me. It would be great if the values in idle and load are separated.

I have a NUC8i5BEH.

ConditionTempIdle~35 °Clight use (browsing, text editing, music playback)up to ~55 °Cfull loadup to ~82 °C
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Hello Trial-Member,

Thank you for posting.

From my end, there is not a specific document that states the temperatures based on their conditions, this is actually a behavior that will depend on the user's configuration(operating system, updates, hardware, usage, background processes, and others). The temps you mentioned are fine and expected. You can take into consideration that these models have a maximum temperature allowed of 100°C, so any temperature below this is completely normal.

For reference, you can check the Processor datasheet: Intel® Core™ Processors Technical Resources

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Thanks for the answer.

I was sure that the temperatures were within bounds.


What I actually hoped to see is whether the i3 or i7 behaves differently in the temperature (which could presumably also impact the /thread/130247 behavior of the fan and the noise).
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NUC8i7BEH here. I am seeing around 52-58 degrees (package temperature reported by Intel XTU tool) in Windows idle, although a tool like speedfan is reporting low to mid 30s for all cores. I have NEVER seen an idle package temp in the 30s in XTU. Something is defenitely wrong there. The fan is also running way too much.

I should add, that this also holds true after undervolting CPU and GPU by 0.9 V and turning off short boost.

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