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CPU temp 0, fan not spinning

All of sudden the cooler has stopped spinning. In the bios all sensors show t 0, the cooler does not react to fixed settings.

Tried to reset the battery, bios restore, no luck

NUC7i5BNK, latest BIOS

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Hello snnrman,

Thank you for joining the Intel® NUC Community. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with the cooler.

Please try the following suggestions:


Amy C.


You're not even trying to understand what I wrote. I already DID CMOS reset and BIOS recovery.

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Oh, we're listening alright. Don't be insulted, but we have no idea what your capabilities are and we must consequently treat you as a complete and utter boob until you prove otherwise.

Amy is asking you to review the documentation on how to perform a proper CMOS reset and how to perform a proper Recovery Update of the BIOS and to then re-perform these operations. If you feel that you have competently performed these steps, we can move on.

If the problem still exists, you will need to perform more drastic measures. First, repeat the BIOS Recovery operation, but this time use the jumper-based method and take the following additional instructions into account:

  1. Do not use a USB 3.0 flash disk. Use only a USB 2.0 flash disk.
  2. Even if you have done this previously, reformat this flash disk on a Windows-based PC. Format the flash disk with the FAT32 file system. Do not use the Quick option! Do not do this on a MACOS- or Linux-based machine (they cannot perform a 100% compatible low-level and FAT32 formatting of the flash stick).
  3. Place only the one .BIO file on the flash disk.

If this does not recover the operation of the sensors and fan speed control, a more-drastic CMOS clear operation may be necessary. This is a complex and delicate process. If you do not strongly feel that you are competent enough to do so, skip this step!

To well and truly clear CMOS, you must unplug the NUC from the wall and then unplug the CR2032 battery from the board for a minimum of 15 minutes. Note the following:

  1. The battery is plugged into the opposite side of the board, so you will have to remove the screws holding down the board, move the cables out of the way and then tip up the board as far as is necessary to reach the battery cable and be able to unplug it and then plug it back in after.
  2. I recommend that you write down what cables you disconnect before you tip up the board so that you can restore them properly. There are LED cables, Microphone cables, Antenna cables and possibly SATA cables.
  3. It is easiest to tip up the front face of the board (believe it or not). Sometimes, the connectors on the front panel will prevent the board from lifting. Carefully - very carefully! - pry the board edge away from the front panel until it will lift up.

The only way that you will see the problems that you are seeing is if the firmware for the microcontroller in the Super I/O ASIC is not executing. The only ways that this can happen are if (a) the Super I/O ASIC has failed, or (b) the ASIC is not getting its firmware cleanly (or the firmware is corrupted). The firmware is delivered and installed as part of the BIOS update process. The BIOS Recovery process is necessary to ensure that this portion of the firmware is fully overwritten.

If you get to this point and the problem still exists, you are likely going to have to get a replacement NUC. If you cannot do so via the store you purchased it from, contact Intel directly to initiate the RMA process. Here is contact information, by geography: @11 Intel Customer Support Contact Information for US and Canada Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Europe, Middle East and Africa Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Asia-Pacific Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Latin America

You can also attempt to use the Intel Customer Support Chat Service, but understand that this is offered in English only and subject to the business hours in the Pacific Timezone.

Hope this helps,