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Can I install my used SSD, memory and Widows in a new NUC?


Hi all:

I own a Nuc 6i7KYK and love it. It's a few years old and was told the CPU overheated and is done. The trouble is the CPU is soldered to the motherboard and cannot be replaced. (My first question is is it possible to buy a new CPU and solder it on the Motherboard?)


If no...then

My 2nd question is if I buy a new Nuc (the same model can be had on Amazon for $300) then which parts of my old unit can I use? Can I install Windows 10 that I originally purchased on the new unit? Can I install the SSD? Can I install the original memory in the new unit? If not, which do I have to buy new? Thanks, everybody!

Steve Brophy NYC

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I answered in your other conversation. This one isn't necessary.