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Can I just connect my SSD to my replaced unit?

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Hi guys,

In order to solve an issue with the fan control on my NUC8i3BEH I might get a replacement for my unit. I dont have now time to install W10,  softwares and their configuration from zero. I need as soon as possible a functional computer I can keep on working with.

So it might be a newbie question but should I clone my M.2 where W10 is installed? Or could I just connect my drives to the new unit directly? Would it boot in the brand new NUC? Drivers and BIOS would have the same version?


Thank you guys for your advice!







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Yes. Just remove the drive from the system you are sending back and install it into the replacement system once you receive it. Provided you have logged into a Microsoft Account at least once, it should pick up the digital entitlement from the Windows servers and automatically reactivate it on/for the new hardware. If you have used only local accounts, however, you might have to reactivate the license manually.