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Can I safely and automatically update the Aptivo BIOS on my 10i7 NUC that is running headless and remote?


I access the NUC using VNC on Windows 10. I am just concerned that the BIOS update will leave the NUC in a state where it is waiting for some input and I won't be able to see it and get back in because Windows can't reboot. Note: I have the current BIOS option set to start-up on the application of power, if that helps.

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Yes, you should be able to run the Express BIOS Update (EBU) executable and initiate the BIOS update from within Windows. Once the reboot is initiated, there is no need for input until Windows restarts after the operation.


Thanks, Scott. I only ask because last time I tried it (through Express BIOS in Windows) and the NUC was local and headless, I was locked out, i.e., Windows never restarted after a few hours but the power LED stayed on steady (as far as I could tell without a monitor). I had to shut off power, plug in a monitor and keyboard then restart. Things came up fine but the BIOS update had not occurred and I had to do it with everything plugged in. Now the NUC is in a remote office with no monitor, so if the update fails, I have to physically bring it back locally to complete the process. I may just wait a while for a few more updates to accrue to make the (possible) effort worthwhile. Vince Silverio