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Can I use USB 3.0 as a video out, such as docking with a laptop Dock? I am running an Intel NUC Mini PC Kit - Model NUC7i3DNK. It is the model with the 2 HDMI ports out in the back, and a Dvi 1.4 on the back as well.


I am running a Laptop Dock at the same workstation, and everything is connected via USB and HDMI switches in order to go easily back and forth between the desktop and laptops. In an effort to make it even easier, I am interested in tying the NUC to the Laptop Dock as well, but I am unsure if the USB 3.0 out from the laptop dock will be capable of transmitting the video information out. Is it possible to do that? Do I need to enable, or disable something in the BIOS at startup ?


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My comments:


  • I presume you understand that the graphics performance will be low and the overhead on the NUC will be high. I tested a USB 3.0 graphics adapter with a 4K@30Hz monitor. It ran fairly well (I am not a gamer) and wasn't too bad for temperatures.


  • You need to be careful when selecting a dock. A lot of docks expect a USB-C connection that will also provide it with a DisplayPort signal. This is a capability you do not have on the DN NUCs. You need to make sure that the dock requires only a USB 3.0 connection and that the dock is actually providing the graphics controller that is driving the dock's graphics connector(s).


Hope this helps,



I do believe that I follow you. THe dock which I selected for my laptops is the Diamond Multimedia, an it has worked with my MacBook and Acer VivoBook (W10) through USB-C to USB Type-B, and my Chromebook is doing it via USB 2.0.

I was curious, because the Chromebook was a bit of a surprise. I do not own any USB 3.0 Type A to Type B cables yet, and I was interested in only purchasing some if that was a possibility.


It probably would not be a good idea to put more stress on the NUC is doing that is the caveat. I have two seperate switches as well - one for HDMI and one for USB, and that seems also to work quite well for me. So, perhaps I will keep it at that.