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Can I use a eGPU on NUC12wsc, together with typec port monitor, like this way?



Supposed devices:

1.  NUC12 wallstreet canyon, with 2 thunderbolt ports

2.  eGPU with 1 thunderbolt port input, several DP and HDMI ports outputs

3.  LG ultrafine monitor with 1 thunderbolt  port , no other display ports

The best way of using an eGPU, as I know, is plugging a monitor directly on its display port, which brings minimum GPU performence loss. But, unforturnately,  I found that all GPU cards,  no matter Nvidia's or AMD's,  have no thunderbolt/typec display port ( Yes, old products, like rtx20x0 series, have typec display ports ).  And I like the ultrafine 5k monitor so much, and donnot want to replace it.

So ,  my question is , 

Is it possible or not,  that I connect the eGPU to one of the thunderbolt port of NUC, and connect the typec monitro to another  thunderbolt port of the NUC?  Of course, I need the eGPU, not the NUC's core graphic chip to do the game rendering and monitor driving.

The topology:  eGPU >>>> TB1 of NUC >>>> TB2 of NUC >>>> TB port monitor

I have searched on google, youtube and reddit, finding no same case.

Please forget about the performence loss and give me an experience or technical analysis.

Many thanks!!



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