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Can Intel® Driver & Support Assistant be trusted ?

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I had problems with Dell updates and was wondering if Intel is better. It is on auto and was wondering if I do should use manual updates




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"trusted"?  Not applicable here.  "better"?  No.  IDSA is intended for intel systems, like the Intel NUC series.  Many items for other systems (like your dell) are on the exclusion list.  The dell site with drivers contains many items that IDSA will not provide. 

Solution?  Use the dell driver site.  Then, either manually update your dell (for things like graphics), or run IDSA.  However, my discoveries show that Windows 10 Update does a pretty good job of providing missing or updated drivers.


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I used Dell as an example. I have an NUC which I am asking about.

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Why did you not say you had a NUC, and why talk about your problems with dell updates?

Whatever...   I personally do not use IDSA.  I get my updates for my NUCs directly from the intel site for the NUC I specifically want to update, and the I use Windows Update for any other updates for the NUC. You may want to use IDSA, and a combination of the other two methods.


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It is important to understand that IDSA is for the maintenance of drivers, not the establishment of drivers. You should download the complete driver package (ZIP file) and install every package that you need before installing IDSA. Once this is done, then you can install IDSA and use it to maintain the drivers installed.


P.S. If you do not understand what "that you need" means, attempt the install every package except the Intel RST packages, which should only be installed if you plan to use RAID or an Optane Module or Optane SSD.

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The reason I mentioned Dell was they gave me a driver that had nothing to do with my hardware in the laptop, love those backup images ! First and last Dell product. I am new to the NUC so am unfamiliar with Intel updates. I know about Optane. I have a 10 year old desktop based on an Asus MOBO and only  update Video and network drivers when I happen to think about them, nothing else is available. I have built and repaired PCs, but gave up building and only repair my own. This NUC was brand new so used IDSA. My question was about Intel updates being without problems like that Dell.

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From what I have observed across all the manufacturers is that no update tool is without problems or the potential for problems.   That is just the way it is. 

Use IDSA.  If you do not like it, do manual updates or use Windows Update.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)