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Can NUC be operated from a straight 12V DC Supply?


Hi, I've got a Intel Nuc NUC10i7FNH which I use for controlling my astronomy kit (telescope, camera, mount etc). This is normally used at home so the standard 19V AC/DC power supply that comes with the NUC works fine. However, I'd like to take the NUC and use it to run everything in a remote location - I won't have access to AC power but have a large power bank that provides a protected 12V (max 20amp) supply. Does anyone know if this will be a suitable input to power the NUC or does it have to have a 19V supply?

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May be it will work, however I suggest to buy a 12V to 19V converter. This is an example and this is an other one. Or smaller one.




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No, it will NOT work. The FN NUCs require a fixed 19V (+/- 10%) input; they will NOT work with a 12V input. If you want to use a 12V battery, then you MUST use a DC-DC "buck" converter to generate a 19V output. I am a fan of the smart converter that Leon provided as his first example. It can take into account variance in the battery output and guarantee a smooth 19V output. I am unsure the other examples can provide this capability. Remember the rule: You get what you pay for.