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Can't Install Windows 10 on brand new NUCBOXNUC7i7BNH


I have been trying to install windows 10 ona new NUCBOXNUC7i7BNH i hve purchased and it keeps giving me several errors.

I have tried to contact Microsoft support and that has been a waste of time.

I have tried 2 different windows 10 usb sticks and neither will install

i have tried 3 different HDD one SSD Samsung one Smasung PCIEX SSD

and a sata drive

i actually did manage to put a safe mode install onto the sata drive but i runs slow and doesnt have half of the drivers including wireless and graphics and it shows 16gb of ram but only has 1.9gb available?

Does anyone know what work arounds exist to install win10 on these machines with the issues i am having?

I have previously purchased the same NUC and had no problems at all installing and seting up windows.

The machine has 16gb ram and as discussed earlier several different options of HDD - Sata SSD PCIEX SSD and SATA HDD

Many thanks in advance


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