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Can't boot NUC after foolish move

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Goal is to transfer an existing version of Windows 10 to  Intel NUC 8i7HVB. I have an image of my  existing C: drive which includes Win10 v2004. I thought I could restore  to the NUC and bring along the programs and registry.
The problem is that in my earlier enthusiasm, I installed a clean copy of Windows 10 v2004 on the NUC. When I used a Macrium rescue disk to restore the "old" version, the NUC wouldn't boot. I used the "Fix Windows Boot" and the ReDeploy options with no success. Whatever I have done to the drive (large SSD) won't let me in. I can boot from the Macrium Restore disk, but I can't go past that app screen to see what is on the drive.
Can I remove everything from the SSD? I won't lose anything that isn't already backed up.​​  I still have the clean Windows flash drive that could be reinstalled. The first Win10 install worked fine, but I suspect I wrote over it. Can I sort of get back to "bare metal" and start over?
Thank you.

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Boot the clean windows install flash drive.  Select custom install.  Delete all partitions on the SSD.  Do not format.  Then, let Windows install on the ssd UNALLOCATED space.

All should be fine.


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Boot the clean windows install flash drive.  Select custom install.  Delete all partitions on the SSD.  Do not format.  Then, let Windows install on the ssd UNALLOCATED space.

All should be fine.


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I'm up and running again. Thank you. The question remains, can I copy program files and the registry from my "old" system to the NUC? Everything I need is on the old C: drive and that drive is running under the same version of Windows that is now cleanly installed on the NUC. I'm using the current version of Macrium Reflect to backup to a CD.

Is there any way to move the LARGE number of program files and registry to the NUC, or am I fated to reinstall them one by one (if I still have the registration codes)?

Thanks again for the advice that let me recover.

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Hi @Kupuna 

Since your goal is to restore the saved image to NUC, assuming that your image is OK (when backup was done, your NUC was bootable), I would try it again:

  1. Boot form the Macrium Recovery USB (the drive with the backup image should be connected).
  2. Browse to the saved image and and click on Restore image.
  3. Select the destination drive and click Next  and after summary screen appears, click Finish to start the Restore process.



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Thank you for contributing to this discussion.

I am concerned about restoring the image of my "old" C: drive to the NUC. I have an image backup of that entire drive, which includes Windows 10 files. When I tried to restore to the NUC, that failed and kept me from booting the NUC.

Now, I have restored Win 10 (only)  to the NUC, using a flash drive. I worry that if i restore the backup of the "old" drive (using Macrium Restore) that I will encounter a problem because of superimposing an old version of Win 10 on top of the one that is running on the NUC.

My main goal is to get program files and registry from old to new system, but it doesn't seem possible if Windows 10 (same version) is embedded in the backup. It seems that I need to give up on transferring program files en masse. Your previous comments were very helpful. Do you see any possibilities in my current situation? Thank you.


Hello @Kupuna

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities. We hope that the information provided by the community has been helpful.

For inquiries regarding restoring or moving back to the Intel® NUC programs and/or Windows® registry entries from a backup, this is a question that would be better answered by the operating system/software vendor. Since we do not recommend modifying the Windows® registry, our recommendation is to address these concerns to the developer of this recovery software that you are using or to check this with Microsoft® support so they can advise if this is feasible and save. For this question, they are the best channel of support.

Perhaps fellow community members have also the knowledge to jump in and help.

Also, since the thread has been marked as "Solved" and the Intel® NUC is booting fine under a regular/normal scenario (when performing a clean install of the operating system) we will proceed to close this inquiry now from our end.

Interactions with community peers may continue in the thread, but if you need any additional information from Intel, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer being monitored. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician