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Can't make my NUC8i3BEH louder

New Contributor I

Hi there!


I´ve been using for a while the cool mode as cooling program inside Visual BIOS. But after I found out some custom programs in this forum, which appearently work really fine, I wanted to give those a try. I have tried to set a custom cooling program withouth success. It doesnt matter the values I set, I dont see a change in the fan speed (using HWInfo64). The lowest temperature I can achieve is by using the cool mode and not with these custom programs. The fan is not increasing its speed as it should. I also have noticed a delay between the increase of temperature and the response of the fan no matter the mode I choose.


Everything in my NUC is up to date except from the last version of Windows 10 which I still have to download. I dont care how loud my PC becomes, I would like to achieve the lowest temperature for my CPU, specially now in summer.


I read somewhere here this Fan controll issue was already solved with the BIOS version 0078. But not for me :/


I appreciate any help from you people!


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