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Cannot Get into Bios

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0063 Bios

My NUC is connected via DP 1.2 to LG 43MU79-B Monitor.

Approximately a week ago I can no longer get into my Bios.

If I press F2 right after I press on the power button, my display will power  timeout and turn it self off ,

and the PC  even with F2 depressed just boots up into windows.

so I tried this command :

shutdown /fw /r /t 10

the computer again restarts and it will not boot into the bios and I get the same display power  turnoff issue

I then tried going through windows 10 reset, troubleshooting,advanced options , boot into firmware and I get the exact same results.

the computer has the Blue power button on and LED 2 and 3 there solid colors and it just sits there and I have to push the power button which turns it off, then push it again to turn it off  and I don't see the usual Intel splash screen.

Before this was happening, the sequence was to immediately show the Intel screen with the mouse doesn't show this anymore....

it just boots, while the display times out and goes black requiring me to to manually turn on the screen and its already at the windows lock screen

I have a Corsair K63 keyboard and a Corsair Dark Core Pro RGB mouse , both that have USB wireless dongles plugged into the 2 USB type-a ports on the LG monitor USB hub...this hub is powered by a usb-c to usb-c cable from the NUC to the LG.

In addition both are also connected via USB to the NUC itself.

I can use both either with USB attached or in wireless mode. 

I have been using this DP cable for at least 9 months with no issues. I even tried it both DP ports and it works in either port


I'm open to suggestions.

attached is a SSU


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Hello TDean,

Thank you for posting on the Intel* Community.

We received the internal message that you would like to close this request. We hope that you fixed the issue! If not, and need further assistance please open a new thread and we will gladly help you!

As per your request, this thread will be closed.

Best regards,

Maria R.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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