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Cannot boot from USB on NUC6CAYH

NUC6CAYH device with Windows 10 preinstalled.

Works great. However, I want to boot from a USB stick, but after inserting USB stick (this is not a USB 3.0 device, it is a simple USB 2.0 stick), and rebooting, the boot menu does not show the USB stick.

In the BIOS, checking or unchecking the box "boot from USB devices first" does not change anything.

Under "boot devices" the "USB" option is checked.

The boot is set to UEFI.

I am trying to boot Linux from the USB device, and I can boot from that USB stock on a "normal" computer (Dell).

changing the "OS choice" option to Linux does not result in anything either.

Per what I read it is apparently possible to boot from USB, and this is normally a simple thing to do on any normal computer.

How do I do that on the Intel NUC?

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First of all, do you have Secure Boot enabled? If so, you need to disable it to before USB boot will be available.

For USB boot, there are two methods that you can use. The first is to prepare your Linux USB Stick so that it is formatted for and bootable via UEFI (I believe that their default supports only Legacy?). The second method is to simply enable Legacy Boot in BIOS Setup. In this case, this will show choices for both UEFI and Legacy boot in the menu presented after pressing F10.

Hope this helps (and I haven't missed anything; I am doing this remotely from memory),