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Cannot get NUC7I5 out of fast boot mode

I've tried shutting down and then holding the power button for 3 seconds. I've tried plugging the usb keyboard into the front USB and repeatedly hitting F2. I've tried holding down F2 and booting. In all cases it goes straight to the linux install.

I need to get into the BIOS because I can't get 8 channel audio out of the HDMI and I assume it's turned off there.

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  1. In order to boot into Power Button Menu, depress and hold the Power Button Menu. Count 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004 and release the Power Button. The NUC should bot in Power Button Menu . Press F3 to disable Fast Boot.
  2. In case that you can't reach the Power Button Menu, you may disable Fast Boot from Configuration Menu. The following steps describing how to boot into Configuration Menu:
  3. Disconnect the Power Adapter and all devices except keyboard, mouse and monitor, connected to NUC. Disconnect USB HUB if any one is connected.
  4. Open NUC bottom case.
  5. Remove Yellow Bios Security Jumper. See page 58-59 in Technical Product Specifiction
  6. Reconnect the Power Adapter and depress the Power Button. Afte 30 -60 seconds, the NUC should boot into configuration Menu.
  7. Depress F3 to disable Fast Boot.
  8. Depress Power Button and hold it to switch NUC OFF.
  9. Disconnect Power Adapter and replace Bios Security Jumper between pins (1-2). Close the bottom cover.