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Cause of NUC6CAYH video corruption


I have what seems to be a fairly universal driver bug for the NUC series of computers. I currently have a NUC6CAYH that has a video corruption which seems to be connected with my ethernet driver also. whenever this occurs my driver firmware seems to get corrupted and at the same time my ethernet also is disabled. Unplugging and updating the bios (F7) seems to restore function but on occasion when my ethernet connected KVM via (Synergy) changes from one other machine it get knocked out by this bug. I am running primarily Linux Mint 19. Please see my screenshot with info. below. I'm still looking for the fix & the cause this may help the coding team.

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Hello billrpixter,



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I understand that your Intel® NUC experiencies video corruption. I would like to provide further information.



Even though Intel does not test and validate Intel® NUC on Linux, we know that a lot of Intel® NUC owners are using it successfully on many different Linux distros.



My recommendation is that you can check your Linux distro's website and forums such as for peer assistance with this issue.



You can also check the Intel Graphics for Linux site.



I hope you find this information helpful.



Wanner G.