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Changing my processor


Hi there, my first time here so hello there guys!

My pc is has an E4300 processor and I'm using the pc for photoshop and gaming and it's just too slow. I'm already using the max RAM the board can take 2gig.

My question is can I replace this processor with one that more matches my power needs, at least 2.6?


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First of all, E4300 is a pretty neat processor especially when it comes to Photoshop works and low and mid-end games and to top it all, you specified that you are using a 2Gigs of RAM. Now I won't simply recommend a processor of 2.6GHz or more right away because there are a few things I must share with you.

First, for gaming and graphic works, it's not just the processor or the RAM that needs to be of more power and capacity but your GPU as well matters a lot. You can go on increasing your processor speed and doubling your RAM size but if your GPU is not powerful enough, it won't be of any use. I have one notebook with C2D 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM and an 'nVidia 7600 Go' GPU and I use PS, Corel, Maya on it and also play games like Quake and Assassins Creed on it without any glitch just because of a few steps that I would suggest:

  1. Fine tune your OS disabling extra or unnecessary tasks and running services.

  2. Regularly use system tools to keep your system healthy as in Defrag.

  3. Do not install unnecessary programs.

  4. Program your computer to give you more performance than energy saving when using graphic softwares or playing games.

These are just a few of those wide variety of measures that you can take to increase your system performance avoiding extra expenditures on a more powerful processor unless required.

Specify detailed specs of your system so that we are better able to understand your system configurations and recommend the best possible solution to you. List down the following specs and any additional spec you feel we might have missed;

  • CPU Details

  • Memory Configurations and Model

  • HDD Model / Capacity / RPM

  • Motherboard Model

  • GPU Model

  • Operating System

  • Softwares you usually use

Based upon the information provided, we can help you with the appropriate solution.


Warm Regards,

Javed Lodhi

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