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Check out that software!

Just a note to anyone getting their NUC to look for that little paper that offers "free software" . Mine came with downloaded of Corel Paint, Halo2, some audio and video editing software, a Steam game, but most importantly, a copy of Laplink PC mover to transfer your settings and applications between machines. Not sure which machines actually have the free software offer- I bought mine at, but I think it is an Intel sponsored promotion - THANKS INTEL!

Windows used to come with a barely useful mover program in the past, but no more. AFTER I painstakingly manually reloaded all of my software and tweaked my settings, I discovered the PC mover bonus and wish I had known about it earlier - it would have saved some frustration, as it is a reasonably competent program, but I wasn't willing to pay $70 for it. Intel made it available for free! Thanks Intel!

I would also suggest studying the MS descriptions on restoring data from an old computer because it has changed a lot and it's quite cumbersome, involving using the"Microsoft account" and the"file history" tool.

Just an FYI, I tried to use Acronis Trueimage 2018 to back up the user data on the old computer and then restore it to the new NUC ( the old computer was not a NUC) and it made a new of my whole fresh install when my login stopped working...

Also not exactly clear, you can control the NUC LED's from within the BIOS, but it is much easier to use the software tool Intel provide s to do it in the Windows environment. In the BIOS, be sure to leave the LED control set to software, as the software won't work on LED's that you change color or disable in the BIOS.

Another useful tip- Intel provides an " integrator toolkit" that you can use to make a custom "splash screen" image during boot ( in addition to providing some other cool functions). The look on my wife's face when she first turned it on to see a personal customized image of the kids was priceless!

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