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Clean install - Windows 10 - What is causing this lag??


I recently serviced an Intel NUC for a client that was running very poorly. Lagging and hanging a lot. Windows would be “Not responding” frequently. I assumed it was a OS issue and did a complete reformat and clean install. Now 3 days later he is experiencing the exact same issue and I’m trying to determine what piece of hardware could be responsible? I’m not overly familiar with NUCs so I’m looking for some basic wisdom from the community. The fresh reformat is 3 days old. Windows 10 and the NUC is an i3 with 4g of ram and a 500 GB ssd, roughly 3-4 years old. I don’t have the model number at the moment sorry. The issue is simply choppy lagging of windows. In chrome, in outlook, in everything. It’s like every action is too much and it needs to catch up. Is this likely an SSD issue or ram? Both of which won’t be hard to replace of course. I’d love anyone’s input into why this is occurring following a clean install.

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Hello @MSolo6​ ,

  1. The 4GB RAM is not much and quite marginal for Windows 10 and other application.
  2. I assume that after performing Windows 10 clean install, the NUC performance where satisfactory. Almost always after installation, Windows is downloading updates. During this time you may expect legs in performance.
  3. Did you verified that your customer have not installed some heavy application?
  4. There are different software tools to check the SSD and RAM performance: Cristal disk Mark, MemTest86.






Thanks a lot for the helpful suggestions. I’ll look into all of this.