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Comment: The Intel Support Assistant is getting much better at accurately detecting the current configuration of my NUC8i7HVK.

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This hasn't always been the case and the recent (last 6-months) of updates to the engine have made a significant difference in my CX.


For the past four weeks putting it through it's paces (easy), as my first go-to and it has performed as advertised and expected in this (see attached) current configuration.


The output Driver & Support report is ok because it's web friendly but output options are limited to html and print-to-pdf. This is consistent with the intent of the web design, not an issue. Attached is an example of what the web output looks like.


My preference for this kind of detail remains the SSU available here:, mainly because of the output options.



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MLevi, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.


Thank you very much also for sharing that feedback about the Intel® Driver and Support Assistant and for posting those suggestions and information in our Intel® Communities support site, we are sure those details will be very helpful and useful for all the peer viewing this thread.



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