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Concerned about CPU temperature on a brand new NUC8i7BEH model


The idle temperatures of the NUC are quite concerning since they hit 55C being idle as attatched in the post here. Watching videos on YouTube spikes the temperature to around 60-65C. 

I already have the fan settings in the BIOS set to "Cool" and Intel Turbo Boost turned off.

Since this is a newly purchased product it has been concerning. So are these temperatures normal or not?

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I'd say that's normal considering the size of the cooler on most NUC's, they can run a bit warm CPU wise but that's well within limits and nothing major to worry about.

Obviously if you want to reduce that a bit further and are comfortable doing so, then a new application of some quality thermal paste to replace the stock TIM can bring easy/noticeable benefits.

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