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Critical Error. Thunderbolt


Recently I have decided to reset my Alienware 17 R4 laptop. My system wasn't running well and I just wanted a fresh restart. After restarting my pc and updated all my drivers ect ect. I have this critical error message show up every time I launch my pc(image below). I am not sure if this is a NUC problem or what. I am not sure what error this even is or how to fix it. I have reinstalled thunderbolt software package but then it says I am already running the latest version. Any information would be greatly appreciated on how I can fix this.

Critical Problem.PNG

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This has nothing to do with the NUCs (Intel Customer Support, please move as appropriate).

To me, it sounds like you need to do a fresh install of the Thunderbolt drivers. That is, completely uninstall the existing drivers and then install the latest drivers from the package provided by your laptop vendor.


P.S. Your laptop vendor is responsible for the drivers that they make available to you. You should not be installing drivers from the Intel site as these may not be compatible with the laptop implementation. Finally, if the drivers don't work, you should be dealing with your laptop vendor for support, not Intel. 

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