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D945GSEJT Front Panel USB SSD Header

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My D945GSEJT motherboard has two sets of front panel USB headers. One is labeled USB and one is labeled USB Flash (USB with Solid State Drive Support). The documentation does not explain how one is different from the other or what uses/limitations are associated with this difference. Can someone please explain? Thanks.

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At the risk of this being too obvious and too late, the "USB with Solid State Drive Support" refers to devices like Intel's Z-U130 drive and Micron's RealSSD(tm) Embedded USB drive. AFAIK, these are essentially USB thumb drives that mount directly to the stick header and get fastened down to a standoff with a screw to hold it in place. I suspect the primary difference between this connector and the other is the presence of the standoff at the proper location behind the connector and the pin marked "LED# ", presumably for lighting a drive activity light. If you don't need the USB flash support, then I believe the connector can be used as an extra set of front panel USB connections.