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DC53427HYE i5-3427U Wake from Suspend issues

I have been experimenting with different types of remotes for my 3rd gen NUC. Someone suggested I try suspend / wake since there is no power-on with remote for this model. I put the NUC in suspend. I'm guessing this is a low power state with little to no heat produced. It was very easy to wake the NUC and it only took a couple seconds. Two problems appeared in this wake-from-suspend state. The first was an error message that appeared when trying to access my Verizon FIOS Quantum Media Server (DVR) which allows live TV through networked connections. Of course this is limited to non-encrypted channels only unless you have a DTCP-IP device attached. (PS3). The error message says: Remote Share / Couldn't connect to network server. I still am able to access all my files through my wired network though.

The second issue is Yahoo Weather. The temperature is not displayed and it says Centigrade instead of Fahrenheit.

Once I reboot the NUC, everything is back to normal.

DC53427HYE i5-3427U NUC

OpenELEC 5.95.4 (latest build)

It seems the wake from suspend is causing some sort of network issues that affect my uPnP / DLNA Verizon Media Server and Yahoo Weather but not my network shares.

I can't figure it out. Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,


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