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DH77EB : report of major bugs and need of information

Hello intel engineers,

I just bought the motherboard and found out 3 major bugs on the latest bios EB 0089. So I rolled back to the previous official bios 71 and now so far so good for me.

bugs EB 0089 :

- the bios won't let me disable the intern cpu video card and use only the pci express. (I've got a radeon hd4850 fyi). the weirdest thing is I could use the maintenance mode only in visual bios and it worked with my hd4850...

- sometimes, the hard disks are not visible in the boot disk order drive. After a boot in maintenance mode, they will be visible. Back in normal mode, they would be invisible again (but always visible in the list of sata devices!)

- the bios is confused between the advanced mode and classic mode for the boot order. it will only propose the advanced mode in visual bios but it's using normal mode in reality (should go in classic mode to see that mode). sometimes, it will even reset the normal mode.

I hope these bugs will be fixed in the future.

I'd appreciate to have some details on (from

- Fixed issue where default value of memory voltage for Proposed and Active column on the Performance page is not correct.

- Fixed issue where hardware monitor memory voltage value is incorrect.

- Fixed multiple issues in fan speed control configuration related to voltage sensor multipliers and fan sensors.

and what do you advise for the voltages? It looks like they are different from what I remember between the bios 71 and 89.

After that, this motherboard is good. VT-d works perfectly and Visual Bios looks promising. Keep doing great motherboards.B




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Re: DH77EB : report of major bugs and need of information

The TV Card Problem should be fixed with BIOS 96

Fixed issue where system does not recognize TV tuner cards .

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Re: DH77EB : report of major bugs and need of information

I guess you seek confirmation that the TV card problem is actually solved.

My Hauppauge HVR 1700 now works flawlessly on an Intel DH77EB with BIOS v96.

The same card was not recognized with any older BIOS version.

Kudos to Intel BIOS developers for solving the issue!

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Re: DH77EB : report of major bugs and need of information

Good afternoon, have a DH77EB motherboard, wich works perfectly with this VGA card (ATi 6950) until last week.

Simply, the motherboard doesn´t detects the VGA. I have updated BIOS to version 97, 98 and 99 but no positive results.

Putted another PSU (Akasa Venon 750w), but nothing.

Tested the PCI Express additional conectors (voltages), they still fine.

Reseted the default/fail-safe BIOS configurations, but nothing.

My friends tested my VGA, works perfectly with then.

Today, i have tested another VGA cards (ATi and Radeon) with DH77EB and they worked successfully.

Anyone knows some incompatibility about this VGA and this motherboard?


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