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DN2820FYB remote power on/off from header pins

Good afternoon,

my company and I -in particular- are very familiar with the NUC environment.

We often add a remote power on/off button from the header pins located on the motherboard.

While on the NUC5i5RYK they were clearly visible and usable, on the NUC6i5SYK they disappeared but we still managed to solder the wires on the STM pins, since the layout was the same.

Now, on the DN2820FYB, we are unable to make the power remote to function. We're able to remote the power L.E.D. but the pin usually used for the power on/off are not working.

Does anyone knows if the layout is still the same for this NUC board or have any information about those pins?

In the attached picture: green wires for L.E.D. (which works) and browns for power on/off.

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The layout of the front panel connector has remained the same throughout; the FY NUC is a *lot* older than the RY or SY NUCs. Here's the standard pinout:



5-7 Reset SW

6-8 PWR SW



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Community Manager

N. Scott Pearson, thank you for sharing the information, I think this is the best recommendation.



cpx1, if the header is suppressed on the NUC we don't have information available.



Hope the information provided by Scott helps you.





Juan Carlos
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Thank you Scott,

as you can see from the picture I attached, I used pins 6 and 8 to make the power remote, as the RY and SY layout suggests.

But strangely it's not working. Neither the reset pins (5-7) seems to work. I'm quite sure I'm doing everything right since I've soldered a lot of wires on these NUCs.

However, to obtain the same result I soldered the original power button's pins. I have no picture to display, unfortunately.

You guys may appreciate previous thread with similar subject:

/message/443338# 443338 NUC6i7KYK remote power button

/message/424527# 424527 Is warranty voided if I solder header pins on the motherboard?

Thank you again Scott.

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Community Manager

Hello cpx1,



Thank you for sharing those threads.



Indeed, the warranty of this product is void.



You may find the following information useful: Limited Warranty for Intel® NUC Kits and Intel® NUC Boards > Extend Of Limited Warranty



"damage to the Product due to external causes, including accident, problems with electrical power, abnormal, mechanical or


environmental conditions, usage not in accordance with product instructions, misuse, neglect, alteration, repair, improper


installation, or improper testing; OR


• any Product which has been modified or operated outside of Intel's publicly available specifications"



Since the product doesn't come with the header, it is not intended to make those modifications as they are unsupported for this specific product.



Hope this information helps.





Juan Carlos
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