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DQ45CB v103: Bug when booting from eSata Drive

I've connected the Trekstor Datastation Pocket q.ue to my DQ45DB exterior eSata socket in order to boot a Windows 2008 R2 test environment from that drive.


When pressing at Intel boot screen, if I select the DVD-RAM drive for booting (having a bootable DVD inserted) and if I do not press any key to boot from DVD, having the BIOS automatically use the Trekstor drive for booting, everything works fine.

But if I select the Trekstor drive at the boot drive selection menu, either nothing happens or something inside my computer begins to clatter. I can't locate the sound, but at a steady frequency of two to three times per second something inside sounds *tick tick tick tick tick tick ...* until I switch the machine off.

I believe something's buggy in the BIOS.

Why can I only boot from my eSata drive if I select the DVD-RAM drive for booting, having a bootable DVD inserted into the drive? Why can't I boot directly from the eSata drive by choosing the eSata drive at boot drive selection screen?


Here's my configuration:

2 * 1TB hard drives, connected as RAID 1

1 * DVD-RAM drive

1 * Trekstor hard drive, connected via eSata (power source: USB power adapter)

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