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DQ67OW - Hardware RAID card compatibility (HP P400)

I've read that there are several people who have problems with the HP P400 Smart Array RAID card in the Intel DQ67OW Desktop board.

In a lot of BIOS update's for this board i find updated support for pci-e RAID cards, but also with the latest BIOS update (0066 from 11/5/2012) the HP P400 Smart Array doesn't work!!

The symptoms i experience is that everything works (except the RAID card), but the BIOS tells me that the PCI-E x16 slot is not populated.

Dear Intel: would you please get this fixed?!?!?!ot

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Community Manager

Hi Rammy,

We would like to inform you that Intel will stand behind its products but we cannot guarantee compatibility with any and every other product available on the market.

Also, we need to inform that our Intel motherboards are not designed to be compatible with external RAID controllers, our Intel servers will. The card might work or might not work at all.

For this reason, please test with a different device to narrow the issue properly. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

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