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I am sick of being dumped on by Intel every time I try to udate the BIOS on for the DZ77BH-55K motherboard.

I decided to update my BIOS to improve the way Visual BIOS performed with a Wireless desktop.

So I updated to Ver. 0099 from 0083 and my PC would not get past post when I booted!!!!

I removed the Digital TV Tuner card and hey it booted. Replaced the card and the PC refushed to boot. In Ver. 0093 there is a fis "Fixed issue where TV Tuner card is not recognised" It's now recgnised and refuses to boot with the card installed - GREAT JOB INTEL!!!!!!!!!!

I went back to Ver. 0083 and it boots with the Digital TV Tuner card in place, no problems.

This board has had more issues than any other I have ever had.

My suggestion is the Intel Engineers responsible for the DZ77BH-55K get their heads together and read the other 1,000,000 posts on and off this site about the board and FIX the issues properly.

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Hi Michael,

We do apologize for the inconvenience you are facing.

Could you please let us know what is the BIOS update method you are using? And could you please try loading default settings first in the currently BIOS you have installed?


I apologise about my slow response but I have been away on vacation. Here's the process I used to install the BIOS updates.

I had BIOS to Version 0083 installed so I started working my way up in steps to BIOS Version 0099.

I reset the BOIS settings to default and installed BIOS Version 0085 using the self-extracting Windows based file without issue but the problems were still present. Visual BIOS was a little better at least the mouse cursor was bouncing everywhere all the time.



I progressed to BIOS Version 0093 using the self-extracting Windows based file and when updated the PC would not go past post (post error 92). I discovered that if I removed the DVT2000DS, Digital Tuner it would again boot. I read the release notes and this version said it fixed the TV Tuner issue, in my case it caused it.

I pressed on updating to BIOS version 0097 using the self-extracting Windows bases file same issue, would boot with the TV Tuner in a PCI slot. The visual BIOS works fine but it's a feature I very seldom us, unlike the TV Tuner.

I then decided to work my way back until the PC would boot (i.e. Installing BIOS Version 0098, then 0097, then 0096, and so on down to BIOS Version 0085) To do this I used the recovery BIOS method, each time resetting the BIOS settings to default. The boot problem with the tuner card installed was repeated until I got back to BIOS Version 0085, but Visual BIOS is still very unstable with BIOS Version 0085.

My main PC components are:


- motherboard, DZ77BH-55K


- CPU, i7 3770S


- RAM, 4GB Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9




- TV Tuner, Leadtek DVT2000DS, in one PCI slot.


- Microsoft Wireless keyboard and Mouse.


- USB 3.0 HDD Backup Nexstar CX enclosure with WD WDC10EADS inside.

I have two identical PCs both behave in exactly the same way. Given my process my logic says it is a BIOS issue.

I am losing faith in Intel's ability to provide BIOS versions that correct issues and it appears that the testing done to ensure a stable BIOS is released is lacking.

Any assistance that can be offered is appreciated.




Hi Michael,

Since you are still not able to boot or to use your Digital Tuner on this motherboard, even thought you already preformed a BIOS updated to almost all the version available, Please let me recommend you to update the BIOS one more time but using the F7 method.

Please try flashing from BIOS 0085 to 0093 and then to 0096.

If you continue having the same behavior, feel free to contact your local support group for assistance: