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Debian install on NUC5i5MYHE


Hi all, I recently bought a used Intel NUC5i5MYHE with the intention of primarily using it as a Roon Server - it had ROCK installed which is optimised for Roon but not accessible enough for my liking with the lack of SSH access etc.. so I would like to install Debian as a headless server and configure Roon Server myself. AFAIK I think the only way to install an OS on one of these is by booting from a live USB drive which I've attempted and failed - on trying to boot the NUC from a USB drive which I thought I'd installed a live bootable system on I saw a grub like menu option stating automatic boot would start in n seconds and it just kept looping - hitting enter did nothing - I don't think I created a bootable image ( never done it before on a USB drive ) has anyone here done this ?


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I've used a netinstall while on ethernet. Had trouble with WiFi drivers not being in the free repository.

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