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Dell XPS 15 9670 with Intel AX200 WIFI card is leading to WIFI disconnects and slow performance.


I recently updated my Dell XPS 15 9570 with the Intel AX200 WIFI card and have noticed issues with it. My WIFI speeds are consistently slower than other devices and it frequently disconnects to the access point. If I try reconnecting the same network, it shows a "Can't connect to this network" label.


Furthermore, I have tried every support fix and Youtube video and nothing seems to fix the issue with the slow speeds. It feels like it is being capped at 100Mbps while my phone which is older, can push the 200+Mbps mark. I can't plug directly into the ethernet port as the XPS 15 does not have an Ethernet port. I have reinstalled the driver 3 times now and that has not been the fix to the problem. I am wondering if I received a defective card which is causing these slow speeds. I hope there is a solution to this. The Bluetooth connectivity however seems fine and my headphones and phone is connecting to the PC fine via Bluetooth.

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